Media Release: Five Feng Shui mistakes that are wrecking your life

August 2023

The ancient Chinese philosophy of living in harmony with your surrounding environment has been the reason why homeowners have been applying Feng Shui practices to their homes for centuries. If done correctly, good Feng Shui is said to bring the household good luck, health and wealth. Mistakes in Feng Shui can, however, lead to loss of wealth, accidents and sickness.

Kellie Richardson, style icon for your home and creator of the concept ‘botox for your home’ is a strong proponent of the importance of Feng Shui.   Richardson is also the founder and principal interior designer of respected home design company Kurved by Design and has had a lifelong passion for interior design. With a keen, experienced eye for detail, Richardson has learnt a thing or two about this ancient Chinese design philosophy and explained that Feng Shui is more than just superstition.

“The principals of Feng Shui apply to many aspects of life but are most often practiced in interior design. Houses that have been designed with Feng Shui elements in mind have been proven to produce more positive emotions and are perceived to have a more comfortable environment,” Richardson said.

“I advise many property developers, building companies and home owners on how to plan and design positive spaces.  Feng Shui and positive living spaces are important for many people.

“It is important to note that there are some key Feng Shui rules that should never be broken.”

Six Feng Shui rules that should never be broken


1.Separate work and rest areas

“While you might think that it would be handy to have a desk in your bedroom so that you can have quick access to your emails, Feng Shui masters all agree that this absolutely a taboo. There is a strict rule in Feng Shui stating that work and rest areas should be kept separate,” Richardson said.

“Having a work space in your bedroom will destroy the tranquillity of the bedroom, which should be a safe haven and resting place. The bedroom is intended as a calm, relaxing space so be cautious about upsetting the balance of harmony in this room.   If the balance is disrupted, this can lead to mental health issues, poor sex, bad sleep and relationship breakdowns.”


2. Choosing the wrong artwork hanging on the walls

“Seem to experience too many disagreements or negativity in your home?  Having art on the walls of your home might be your way of turning a plain wall into a focus area with a statement piece. Works of art can be powerful in your home, setting the mood for the entire room. So while a dramatic scene may be interesting to look at, when choosing an art piece to go on your wall, have a think about how it aligns with what you want in life,” Richardson said.

“Avoid choosing art pieces that are turbulent or sad. Go for pieces that promote growth and tranquillity. If you’re stuck for ideas, then pictures of nature are always a good option. 

“Don’t underestimate the degree of negative energy that poor artwork choices can have on your home.   Feng Shui is about helping you to capture and create positive energy.”


3. Front door aligns with the back door

“Always having money problems?   Your front door should never align with your back door.   If it does, this means that money that comes in will simply flow right out.  The closer the two doors are to each other, the more dramatic the effect can be,” Richardson said.

“If you’re not sure if your front door is aligned with your back door, try standing in the front entrance and looking straight ahead. If you see the back door, they are aligned. 

“According to Feng Shui principles, a front and back door alignment can mean a drain on resources and finances, so it’s a good idea to correct this layout if you do have it. It is especially important to correct it if you are facing difficulties in this area of life, or if you’ve noticed a pattern of money or resources flowing away from you.”


4. Avoid spikey plants

“Let’s face it, not everyone has green thumbs, yet we all know how much a touch of greenery breathes life into a dull space. However, the type of plant you choose should ideally not have spikes or sharp leaves. These are seen as having bad energy and they should be avoided,” Richardson said.

“So while succulents and cacti can be trendy, it’s best to be mindful about which types you bring home. In Feng Shui, plants represent growth, so choose plants that are tall and have upward growth, with dense, lush leaves. And remember to keep them in good health.”


5. Cluttered main entrances

“Do you seem to experience a lot of bad luck?  Do you have a cluttered main entrance in your home? In Feng Shui, your front door is the mouth of qi, so households are advised to keep the area welcoming and clear of clutter so that positive and wealth energy can enter freely. Keep your entrance area free from clutter including jackets, school bags, shoes and umbrellas, and make sure that you have a neat and tidy floor mat,” Richardson said.

“When your front entranceway is bright and clear, it ushers in good luck and it will flow through the rest of the house. So besides keeping your entrance clutter free, the entire house should be kept tidy too.”


6. Mirror, mirror on the wall

“Large, spacious houses are expensive so home owners with smaller dwellings often rely on a handy interior decoration hack of using mirrors to reflect light and create an impression of a larger space,” Richardson said. 

“When it comes to Feng Shui, mirrors also have an important role to play, by doubling the effect of abundance and prosperity. Some Feng Shui masters even recommend having a mirror on one side of the dining room wall to reflect the food on the table, because it doubles the food, representing abundance in the home.”


Harmonious home 

“Feng Shui is the original study of Chinese interior design and architecture. By bringing in some elements of Feng Shui into your home, you can increase the feeling of harmony and peace in your home,” Richardson added. 

“Meaning wind and water in Chinese, Feng Shui uses energy forces to harmonise the home environment. Ultimately, when your home is artfully decorated and balanced, you achieve positive good energy, which also has a deep impact on the quality of your life at home. 

“It is important to note that Feng Shui not only provides principles for harmony, it also provides solutions to solve issues around the home to achieve the positive retention and flow of energy.”


About Kurved by Design

Since 2016, Kurved by Design, founded by Kellie Richardson, has provided Melbourne with a range of home design services. The company umbrella comprises five different companies: interior design, property staging, retail furniture and homewares, property maintenance and its interior design academy. Its vast reach has made it a truly one-of-a-kind company. In 2020, Richardson won the global CEO Excellence award in 2020 for “Best Property Styling and Interior Design Business”.





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