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Lay the foundations for a thriving future in the world of interior design with a specialised interior design course. Available across Australia, our courses are designed to educate individuals on the fundamentals of interior design so they can create beautiful, functional spaces for themselves and their own clients.

“I want to inspire and teach people how to create beautiful spaces for them, their families and maybe even their clients to enjoy. " - Kellie Richardson

Turn Your Passion Into a Career

If you've always had a passion for creativity and a desire to turn it into something more, undertaking an interior design course may be your ideal next step. Fortunately, with our in-person and online interior design courses in Melbourne, you are taught the principles of interior design and how to apply them in a practical setting. Our goal is to ultimately provide you with all the necessary information and guidance you need to succeed. 

Interior design as a career is exciting and ever-evolving, offering a range of opportunities for learning and growth. Whether you're an aspiring designer or a beginner, an interior design course provides the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge and excel in interior design. From mastering colour schemes and furniture placement, to understanding the principles of lighting and texture, you'll gain all the knowledge and skills needed to create stunning and functional spaces.

If you're looking to complete an in-person or online interior design course in Australia, look no further than The Academy of Decoration and Design.

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The Academy of Decoration and Design

If you're passionate about interior design and looking for an online or in person course in Australia that will help you refine your skills and deepen your knowledge, you're in the right place. Kellie Richardson nationally recognised interior designer, founder and director of The Academy of Decoration and Design and Kurved by design has developed and designed an 8 week course called creating my style.

Kellie Richardson is nationally and international recognised interior designer and media personality has designed and developed an 8 week course teaching the art of interior design. Kellie has styled thousands of houses and designed the interiors of influential clients and homes across Australia. Kellie Richardson has a huge media influence and appears on national and international TV, radio, magazines, podcasts, newspapers, and has a weekly radio segment on all things interior design.

Kellie says, "I have loved building Kurved by Design into a successful business, and many people have asked me to share my knowledge over the years. Now, through the Academy of Decoration and Design, I am able to help others follow their passion for interior design. I share all my secret tips with my students so they can create amazing homes."

The eight-week course, 'Creating my Style', is a deep dive through all aspects of interior design. Here, students will work closely with Kellie as she goes through all the elements of interior design.

Kellie says, "Creating my style is a really fun and unique course. The course is designed to suit anyone with an interest in interior design or property staging. Our approach is hands-on learning as well as online learning. Our in person learning platform Sessions are held in our Academy design studio. We provide students with full access to our property staging warehouse so they can bring their designs to life! I thoroughly enjoy working with and getting to know my students. I am proud to see them walk away with the confidence they need to take on any space. I enjoy staying in touch and celebrating their successes."

We aspire to be the providers of some of the best interior design courses in Melbourne and aim to arm our clients with the knowledge and skills needed to create truly stunning spaces. Regardless of what you’re after, our team of experts are ready to guide you every step of the way.

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If you're passionate about interior design and can't wait to sink your teeth into learning absolutely everything you can about the industry, book your spot in our next interior design course. Available in Australia online and in-person, our eight-week course is ideal for those of all ages and industry backgrounds looking to expand their skills and expertise.

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If you're looking for an interior design course you can do online in Australia or in person, we have the perfect solution. At the Academy of Decoration in Design, we offer flexible learning options so you can learn at a time and pace that suits you and your lifestyle. Explore our interior design courses below to see how we can help you turn your passion into something a little more tangible.

  • Creating my Style- In person and online course.

    This eight-week course will help you develop your own personal style! You will learn about all types of interior design and the elements that combine to create them. You will see where your personal style fits into these established formats and how to create your own vision.

    Creating my style in class - Is hands on learning in our Academy with our principal, course designer, media personality and interior designer Kellie Richardson. These classes are Weekly classes on Mondays and Wednesday evenings.

    The course is structured around hands-on learning where students have full access to our design warehouse so our students can practice styling and different designs under the guidance of senior interior designers.

    We offer our interior design courses in Melbourne in person classes are held weekly on Monday and Wednesday evenings in our academy design studio.

    In person course cost: $810 plus GST

    *Payment plan available upon request.

  • Creating my style - online platform

    Creating my style Online - Is our online learning platform is an 8 week interactive course. Designed and developed by Kellie Richardson. This course includes weekly in-depth modules on different design subjects as well as videos created and Featuring Kellie Richardson, small student hands on learning tasks and a certificate of completion at the end of the course. This course is available nationally and internationally for $540 + gst